Create Instant Floor Plans Using Your iPhone or iPad Camera

Magic Plan logo

Magic Plan logo

MagicPlan  allows you to hold up your phone then scan the dimensions of the room to create an instant floor plan. It measures the size of the room, draws the floor plan and creates a DXF, PDF or JPEG image onto a website with an interactive floor plan.

You just stand in one spot in the centre of the room, move the camera around tapping on the screen to label corners and doors. It doesn’t even matter if furniture is in the room.

Magic Plan Screenshot

Magic Plan Screenshot

The floor plans the app creates are available for free, but only for non-commercial use. For commercial use (and to remove the watermark), subscription plans are available.

Over one million users downloaded the original version of MagicPlan released last year, and version 2.0 brings a number of improvements based on user feedback, including a newly redesigned interface, a full HD iPad version, and improvements to MagicPlan Cloud which allows the startup to exchange data with partners via web services.

The technology is not just for a quick layout of your home, it’s also available for companies such as CNM EstatesCentury 21, real estate and home improvement services, crime scene investigation, insurance claims etc.

The updated version of MagicPlan is live in the App Store here. It’s Apple’s App of the Week in France, Austria and the Netherlands.


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