CONTEMPORIST Whistler Residence by Battersby Howat Architects


An an impressive project for this Battersby Howat Architects designed house in Whistler, BC, Canada.

Description from the architect:

Located in an exclusive Whistler, B.C. neighborhood halfway up a mountainside, this house was designed for a client from London, England who enjoyed the timber structures characteristic of the typical Whistler Chalet but wanted something unique that would capture the ambience without the cookie cutter organization and aesthetic. Located on a smallish, yet prominent site, the visual mass of this large structure was diminished through making a substantial portion of the house appear to be below grade. Thoughtful removal of bedrock and the careful allocation of program to allow for both adult and children’s retreat zones resulted in a structure that is extremely private and looks deceptively modest in relation to its neighbors.
To read the full article with photos please see here:

Visit the Battersby Howat Architects website – here.

Photography by Sama J. Canzian




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