Travelodge Welcomes Its First Ever Writer In Residence Who Will Pen A Book Titled ‘How To Live Like A Celebrity For Free’

How To Live Like a Celebrity for Free by  Neil Sean

How To Live Like a Celebrity for Free by Neil Sean

The UK’s first budget hotel brand, Travelodge welcomes renowned world-wide celebrity broadcaster and journalist Neil Sean as its first ever writer in residence.

Whilst staying throughout the Company’s collection of 504 Travelodge hotels across the UK, Ireland and Spain, Neil will pen his first book which is titled ‘How to live like a celebrity for FREE’. Within this publication, Neil will share a compendium of money-saving tips and facts he has obtained when interviewing A-list movie stars, TV & sports personalities, pop idols and even Royalty. In addition to the tips, Neil will reveal many tricks of the trade and inform readers: on how they can get their hands on free red carpet premiere tickets, on how to obtain a free holiday, free clothing, make-up, food – basically all the facts and knowhow to live a free celebrity lifestyle.

The book will also contain never seen before celebrity pictures too.

Some of the celebrities quoted within the book include:

Jennifer Lopez, actress, singer and businesswoman who said “Before I became famous and I had an important audition I would visit one of the many branded make-up counters such as MAC in stores such as Macy’s and get a free make-over. I would ask the assistant to create a  look that was required for the audition. It did not cost me a dime and by looking the part I usually won the audition”.

Simon Cowell may have had a tough time of late, however the star and  creator of Britain’s Got Talent & X Factor has revealed his secrets for getting on in the world and his top tip to succeed in life.

Beyonce may be a worldwide superstar and new mum worth millions but in Neil’s guide she reveals her secret for flowing manageable hair. Her secret costs the price of a fabric conditioner.

Sir Michael Caine may be an award-winning actor with a career spanning 50 years but the London boy has not let his super star status affect his eagle eye for saving money. He has revealed to Neil his secret for travelling around the world at zero cost.

Neil Sean, the world’s most read and most watched showbiz reporter said: “I am honoured be the first UK budget hotel resident writer. I choose Travelodge as the brand totally cements the rational behind my latest book, ‘How to live like a celebrity for FREE’. Travelodge is a facilitator that provides a low-cost clean comfortable room whilst travelling between A and B. The money that you save by staying with Travelodge you can use to dine out in a flash restaurant, see a top show, hang out in a trendy bar or just go shopping; just like a celebrity.”

“I choose to write this book, as we have become a nation obsessed with celebrity culture and Britons want to replicate an A-list lifestyle but can’t necessarily afford it. Over the years I have interviewed some of the world’s biggest stars and in my new book I will be sharing a compendium of tips and facts on what they did before finding fame to save a buck.

Some of the stars featured in the book include: Beyonce, J.Lo, Madonna, Simon Cowell, Daniel Craig and even President Obama.”

Neil will be checking into various Travelodge hotels across the UK over the coming weeks so that he can write his book and interview some more celebrities who are performing over the country. Some of the locations include:London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

Jon Hendry-Pickup, Travelodge Operations Director said; ““We are delighted to have Neil Sean stay with us whilst he pens his latest book.  It may surprise you to know that lots of celebrities stay with us across our 504 hotels – Neil may even bump into a well-known personality in our Bar Café and pick up some extra money-saving tips for his book.”

The book ‘How to live like a celebrity for FREE’ contains over 500 money-saving tips which have been donated by over 200 celebrities. The book will be available to purchase from June 2012 from Amazon,  & all leading book stores and from on-line book stores.

We wonder if their tagline is #DevelopingStyle?


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