CNM Estates is a property development company based in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in South London.

CNM Estates has property interests in KingstonSurbitonNorbiton and Weston Super Mare.

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Developing Style at HOUSE 2012 in Phoenix, Brighton

An extraordinary exhibition of multidisciplinary arts in one of the UK’s most vibrant destinations; HOUSE 2012 in Phoenix Brighton.

Bathe in the light of David Batchelor’s luminous artwork or lose yourself in an absorbing Patrick Hamilton 3-d adaptation or be humbled by Helene Kazan’s heartfelt film of a domestic struggle set in the politically volatile Lebanon.

Uniting fine art from international David Batchelor (who will be showcasing the largest survey yet of his brilliant work in the elegant Regency House) to the unusual wallpaper-inspired outdoor designs running through the streets by emerging artist Deb Bowness, to an immersive literary installation of the darkly humorous novel, Hangover Square by the artist and Cine City directors Tim Brown & Anna Deamer, HOUSE 2012 is a visual arts festival not to be missed.

David Batchelor, as lead artist, influences the selection and development of 5 smaller satellite commissions that make up HOUSE Festival 2012.  Where HOUSE 2011 attracted over 11,000 visitors in 8 days, HOUSE 2012 is set to be the biggest curated visual arts festival in Brighton yet.

Sally Abbott, Regional Director, Arts Council England, South East, which is supporting HOUSE 2012 with more than £90,000 in funding, said: ‘We are very proud and excited to be supporting HOUSE 2012. This year’s programme, with its association with renowned British artist David Batchelor, represents a significant leap for the organisation and for the visual arts in Brighton.”

HOUSE Festival 2012 - Brighton
HOUSE Festival 2012 – Brighton

Dates:          4 May – 10 Jun  Wed – Sun, 11am – 5pm; 18 & 19 May to 9 pm

Venue:         Phoenix Brighton | 10–14 Waterloo Place | Brighton BN2 9NB

Telephone: +44 (0)1273 603700

Email:          info@phoenixbrighton.org

Twitter:       @PhoenixBrighton

FB:              www.facebook.com/IdeaGenerationGallery

Flickr:         www.flickr.com/IG_gallery

CONTEMPORIST Whistler Residence by Battersby Howat Architects


An an impressive project for this Battersby Howat Architects designed house in Whistler, BC, Canada.

Description from the architect:

Located in an exclusive Whistler, B.C. neighborhood halfway up a mountainside, this house was designed for a client from London, England who enjoyed the timber structures characteristic of the typical Whistler Chalet but wanted something unique that would capture the ambience without the cookie cutter organization and aesthetic. Located on a smallish, yet prominent site, the visual mass of this large structure was diminished through making a substantial portion of the house appear to be below grade. Thoughtful removal of bedrock and the careful allocation of program to allow for both adult and children’s retreat zones resulted in a structure that is extremely private and looks deceptively modest in relation to its neighbors.
To read the full article with photos please see here:

Visit the Battersby Howat Architects website – here.

Photography by Sama J. Canzian



Create Instant Floor Plans Using Your iPhone or iPad Camera

Magic Plan logo

Magic Plan logo

MagicPlan  allows you to hold up your phone then scan the dimensions of the room to create an instant floor plan. It measures the size of the room, draws the floor plan and creates a DXF, PDF or JPEG image onto a website with an interactive floor plan.

You just stand in one spot in the centre of the room, move the camera around tapping on the screen to label corners and doors. It doesn’t even matter if furniture is in the room.

Magic Plan Screenshot

Magic Plan Screenshot

The floor plans the app creates are available for free, but only for non-commercial use. For commercial use (and to remove the watermark), subscription plans are available.

Over one million users downloaded the original version of MagicPlan released last year, and version 2.0 brings a number of improvements based on user feedback, including a newly redesigned interface, a full HD iPad version, and improvements to MagicPlan Cloud which allows the startup to exchange data with partners via web services.

The technology is not just for a quick layout of your home, it’s also available for companies such as CNM EstatesCentury 21, real estate and home improvement services, crime scene investigation, insurance claims etc.

The updated version of MagicPlan is live in the App Store here. It’s Apple’s App of the Week in France, Austria and the Netherlands.