CNM Estates is a property development company based in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in South London.

CNM Estates has property interests in KingstonSurbitonNorbiton and Weston Super Mare.

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Surbiton ‘Queen of the Suburbs’ – The Portas Pilots

Interesting debate reported in the Croydon Guardian about Victoria Road in Surbiton.

‘Surbiton group bids to become Portas pilot street’

A business group is bidding to have shopping guru Mary Portas overhaul the struggling high street.

‘Surbiton Town Team, comprised of local businesses, has put together a promotional video in the hope the Scottish star will bring her Midas touch to Surbiton’s Victoria Road.’

Grant Shapps, the Local Government Minister, has announced that 12 struggling towns and cities will have the chance to implement recommendations from my Review to help reinvigorate their ailing High Streets.  The Portas Pilots will benefit from a share of £1million, as well as the support of the Minister, Whitehall, and Mary Portas.

There is an opportunity to turn her recommendations into reality by giving communities across the country the opportunity to come forward with their vision for breathing new life into their locality. The Review is intended to inspire people with a new vision for tomorrow where High Streets are re-imagined as destinations for socialising, culture, wellbeing, learning, as well as shopping.

Click here to find out how your town can bid to become a Portas Pilot.

A place we all want to be, and can be, proud of.

Here’s the announcement to local residents  from local property developer CNM Estates which was reported in Surbiton People on 29 Dec 2011  ”Following our previous article regarding this and other Surbiton developments, CNM Estates have announced Taylor Wimpey as their development partner.  CNM Estates say that work is due to start ‘early 2012’ and be completed by Autumn 2013.”

‘Phase two of the much delayed Surbiton Plaza Development consists of 28 private apartments, 12 affordable housing apartments, two retail units and a doctor’s surgery.  I’m sure that we all look forward to this development being completed; especially the shops fronting onto Victoria Road.  As well as the Surbiton Plaza phase two, the Red Lion development in Ewell Road is due to start soon.’


Student Property Fund Yields Strong Returns

Student property fund yields strong returns

By David Stevenson | Financial Times

If you spend enough time researching property funds, you eventually run into student accommodation specialist Unite Group. It’s what I call a classic Marmite stock – you either love it or hate it.

Last time I looked, its shares were trading at 188p, compared with a net asset value (NAV) of around 346p, according to analysts at Oriel. Such a wide discount has never quite seemed right to me – not least because it’s clear that there’s good money to be made out of student property.

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Sir Terence Conran Tops The Telegraph’s Property Powerlist 2012

Sir Terence Conran

1 Sir Terence Conran

Designer, restaurateur, 80

In those dark, long-away days, a home was a place that merely accommodated you, rather than impressed other people. Then Conran brought the world Habitat, providing stylish sofas and chicken bricks for whole generations of first-time flat-buyers in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. As those young people became more well-heeled, he supplied them with upmarket furniture (Conran St ores) as well as places to eat (Bibendum and Quaglino’s). British homes today just wouldn’t look the same without him.

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Landlords Cashing in on the Olympics in for a Nasty Surprise

Landlords hoping to make a quick buck by letting out their properties to Olympics visitors at inflated rents could be in for a nasty surprise. Estate agents warn that the 2012 games rental market is being flooded and that a huge number of properties remain unlet.

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